More progress on the Weeping Lilly Pilly Riparian Rainforest Restoration at Frank Robinson Park

Sunday 15th July was a stunning day and thanks to the hard work from volunteers more progress was made on the Weeping Lilly Pilly Riparian Rainforest Restoration at Frank Robinson Park.  Weeding was done around the plants with particular focus on removing Turkey Rhubarb.   We’ve also started bagging the plants.  It was encouraging to see that many of the plants have survived and were looking healthy.

The following day further primary work was done by BPA focusing on the large privet and volunteers finished staking and bagging plants.

So the status of the project thus far is:

  • Primary Work – clearing, weed & sediment control done by Biological Preservation Australia – Zone 1 complete, Zone 2 to be done, Zone 3 partially complete
  • Stage 1 – planting of sun loving species – in progress
  • Stage 2 – planting of light shade species – scheduled for Spring 2018
  • Stage 3 – planting of shade loving species – schedule depends on season and growth of other plants