About Sustaining Williams Valley Inc

Sustaining the Williams Valley (SWV Inc) is a community group based near the town of Dungog which itself sits on the upper reaches of the Williams River.  SWV Inc is an independent group of people with one aim – to work on behalf of the interests of the Williams River Valley, its natural resources and its people.  We see the need for maintenance and encouragement of the natural cycle, to allow locals and visitors alike to enjoy the area, for farmers to sustainably manage their land and for the natural life of the valley to thrive.

SWV Inc’s aims are:

  • to be an effective advocate for the Williams River and its tributaries
  • to provide a unified voice, representative of the community, in relation to whole-of-river issues
  • to identify, create and implement initiatives that will protect and restore the Williams River and its tributaries
  • to build and foster relationships with all stakeholders
  • to ensure integrated management founded upon stewardship
  • to build and make publicly accessible knowledge relating to the Williams Valley
  • to celebrate the ecological and social value of the Williams River and its tributaries
  • to establish a realistic funding base that can support projected activities.